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Privacy Policy

ModelDoggy (hereinafter “Service”) recognises the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information and uses appropriate solutions to safeguard your right to privacy.

We collect the data which you are required to provide when you register and access the Service with all due care and according to the relevant laws; we respect your right to have your privacy duly protected and warrant that all individuals who use the Service have their personal data properly protected against unauthorised access by third parties.

Registration, Personal Data
While using the Service, you may be asked to provide some of your personal data while registering or logging into the system.

The following data are requested to be provided while completing the user registration form online: nick, password, e-mail address and sex.

It is entirely up to you whether you provide the requested data or not, but it may be obligatory in order to register your account within the Service.

When you fill in and submit the user registration form, you will be sent a confirmation notice to your e-mail address that you provided when you signed up. To successfully sign up to the Service, you have to confirm your registration by clicking the link embedded in the notice sent to your e-mail address that you provided when you signed up.

By completing the user registration form or logging onto the Service, you may express your consent to the processing and transfer to third parties of your personal data for promotional and marketing purposes. To consent, tick the appropriate field in the user registration form. Such content can be cancelled at any time.

All personal data collected are kept and processed in accordance with the applicable legislation.
There can be contests and special offers posted on the Service. If you decide to join any such contests, your data can be used to run the contest, to notify you of the awards you may receive, etc.

You will have the right to access your personal data and to correct them, if necessary.

When you access the Service, it automatically collects certain information that are generally registered during any web activities, such as IP address, browser type, type of the operating system you use, etc. This information is only used for technical purposes related to the server administration and for collecting general statistical information. These data are not classified as personal data or personally identifiable information.

Safety and Confidentiality
We use all technical and organizational measures to guarantee the safety of your personal data and to protect it against both unintended and intended deletion, accidental loss, modifications, unauthorized disclosure or access. Information is kept and processed on highly protected servers taking all necessary safety measures in accordance with the Polish legislation.

Make sure you post no personal data on the Service. Please note you will be solely responsible for the consequences of posting your personal data on the Service.

Mobile Devices
While accessing the Service from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), we may use geolocation tools to capture your geographical location or to compare it to the position of other users: check-in API mechanisms, or other mechanisms to track your location against the position of our partners or other users.

We use “cookies” on our Service. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer which we use to compile statistics on how our Service is being used and to recognize you when you return to our Service. We want to know which categories you visit most, and based on the information we collect we are able to customize our offer and the way it is presented to best suit your expectations.  You provide us with the information we need to develop in the right direction reflecting your individual preferences. Cookies do not damage your system or the files you save. They have no intentional impact on the performance and functionality of your system. Identification is anonymous and only involves data that refer to the method and form of your using the Service. You may refuse to accept cookies and still be able to use the Service. For cookies to work correctly, you have to accept the cookies in your web browser settings and leave them on your computer.

The Service Provider is not liable for the contents of cookies sent by other websites whose links appear on the Service.

Minors should not provide their personal data to the Service Provider or other Service Users without the consent of their parents or legal guardians. If you are a parent or a legal guardian, make sure you carefully and responsibly share the personal data on the Internet.
The Service Provider shall not intentionally collect, use or disclose to third persons any personal data shared by minors.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy
The Service offer may be extended from time to time  to reflect changes introduced to technologies, standards, legislation and other requirements governing online business activities. This means the Privacy Policy may need to be modified at some point in the future. All amendments will be appropriately highlighted for the period of 30 days from the date they are introduced. By accessing the Service after this Policy is amended, you explicitly accept all modifications hereof.

This Service is the property of the Service Provider. By inviting you to freely use this Service, we wish to remind you of the necessity to respect the intellectual property rights.  Please be informed that the Service incorporates copyrighted and privately owned documents, trademarks, and other original materials, including texts, graphical elements, drawings, animations, audio files or programmes. The layout and selection of the contents posted on this Service is also copyrighted.

Materials posted on this Service are intended for the personal use only. It is explicitly prohibited to modify, copy, send, publicly perform and use the content for commercial purposes without prior written permit of the Service Provider or other authorized entity.

Final Provisions
By accessing the Website, you shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions listed in this Privacy Policy.

The provisions of this Privacy Policy are governed by the Polish legislation. In all issues not mentioned herein, the provisions of the Polish Civil Code and other laws shall apply.

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