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How to become ModelDoggy VIP?

Buy a pedigree to promote your doggy to become a VIP!

To get access to exceptional and special VIP offers, buy a pedigree for you doggy. The pedigree opens the door to all ModelDoggy highlights:
  • Your dog will be distinguished with a special VIP badge.
  • Access to all additional games without having to collect points, such as:
    • Exceptional photo albums offering more space for your photos,
    • Additional options in games.
    • Special accessories unavailable to other users.
    • … and many more highlights and special bonuses added on a regular basis.
  • A special present (furniture, accessories, perfumes for your pet…)
  • Discounts on accessories available only for you.
  • Your pet will be posted on the homepage, but only if you wish so.

How the pedigree works?

  • The pedigree is valid for a month.
  • Once it expires, the objects you buy will remain, but you won’t be able to modify the previously available sections of the service.
  • The pedigree can be extended for another month.
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