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FAQ - frequently asked questions and answers

What is ModelDoggy?
This service is intended for children and all dog lovers. You will create your own dog to care for. The dogs need to be fed and taken care of, played with and signed up for some contests. The service offers some social functionalities. Users can make new acquaintances and invite them to join a group of close friends. Dogs can be taken to playgrounds to enjoy the company of other dogs and to take part in games and competitions. Friends can also communicate by sending text messages. For more information, go to the ‘Help’ page.

Who can use ModelDoggy?
The website is intended especially for children, but can be enjoyed by all dog lovers. If you like dogs and want to have fun with your pet, feel invited to join us. You may also share experiences and ideas with other users who love dogs as much as you do.

Do I have to pay to sign up and use the service?
You can sign up for free. Most options, screens and games are also available for free.
However, there are some extra options, special functions or privileges, such as a pedigree, which must be paid for.

Why would I need a pedigree?
Pedigree is a VIP option at ModelDoggy. I you buy a pedigree, you will gain access to some special and unique options, such as additional screens, gadgets or garments.
The pedigree is valid for a month, so try and found out what the VIP option has in store for you.

Can I access ModelDoggy from my phone or tablet?
Yes, there is a dedicated application for mobile devices, both Apple and Android based. Feel free to use the mobile version of ModelDoggy to always keep a watchful eye on your pet.

Is there a difference between points and the Doglar currency?
The principle is pretty simple:
- Points are collected while using the Website to reflect your level of advancement or the quality of your pet care. You will get a bonus for collecting appropriate number of points!
- Doglar is a ModelDoggy currency which you can use to buy extra options or gadgets for your pet. Doglar currency can be bought online once you credit your account.

How long are the points and Doglar currency valid?
The points collected are valid for an unlimited period of time, provided you visit the website regularly. If you fail to log on the website for more than 3 months, your points will be lost. The Doglar currency is valid for an indefinite period of time.

How to bur garments and accessories?
You can buy the garments and accessories online. This is a dedicated screen where all products are displayed and accessible in exchange for the Doglar money. The products you buy will be accessible in the apartment or the beauty parlour, depending on the category.

Is the service safe?
Yes, we take all necessary measures for ModelDoggy to a completely safe place to enjoy for all users. No user data or information on how you use ModelDoggy are transferred beyond the range of functions available within ModelDoggy.

Is it safe to make payments at ModelDoggy?
Yes, all payments at ModelDoggy are processed by reliable service providers, such as PayPal. The entire payment process is handled by reliable and acknowledged online payments companies offering high degree of transaction safety.

What type of information is requested while signing up to ModelDoggy?
There are only few information requested to be able to identify you when you log on to the service: nick, e-mail address (to confirm the registration), sex (to provide you with more personalised service), and password. To be able to register, you will be also asked to accept the Terms of Use, which you should read carefully.

Can I invite someone else to join ModelDoggy?
Yes.  Choose the 'Invite a Friend’ option. There will be an invitation form displayed where you enter the e-mail address of the person you wish to invite. The form will contain a standard invitation formula that will be sent to your friend. You can modify its content by entering your own text.

What to do if you forget your password?
You can change your ModelDoggy password at any time. If you forgot your password, send a message to: admin@modeldoggy.com (preferably via Contact Us).  You will receive a message on your e-mail specifying how to change your password.

How to delete my account?
To delete your account, send a message to the service administrator at: admin@modeldoggy.com (preferably via Contact Us). You will receive a message on your e-mail specifying how to delete your account.

How to contact us?
If depends on what you want to know. To contact the service administration, write to: admin@modeldoggy.com; all questions, suggestions and comments about ModelDoggy should be sent to: help@modeldoggy.com, if you are interested in business cooperation, contact us at: adv@modeldoggy.com.

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